Disclaimer: This information is subject to forthcoming SBA regulations. We continue to monitor those developments, and will update this information as additional guidance becomes available. The SBA and the Treasury have continued to post guidance and regulations. This information is a summary only and is provided as of its date. All clients are encouraged to read and review the Interim Final Rules for more specifics. If the business has a relationship with a Lender, it should immediately contact that Lender to see if that Lender will be making PPP Loans. The SBA has released regulations making clear that Lenders can use their internal forms and portals so long as they are asking the same questions and requesting the same information as the SBA Application. The SBA has also begun posting the same information and some additional forms on its website. The SBA will not collect any fee for any guarantee sold on the secondary market, according to Lender guidelines posted by the U. Treasury Department on its website on March 31,

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